Block Trading

Prerequisite: You must be signed into MView as an Operator with “Modify Client” privilege

In order to stop a Client account from trading, you need to modify one or two settings on the Client. These settings are incorporated into the Vetting engine and will be evaluated each time an order request is placed. This is done in real time so changes are affected immediately.

  1. Navigate to the Clients menu and view the target Client (binoculars).
  2. Click the Update button in the “Client Attributes” box. Client Attributes
  3. Toggle the sliders as necessary:
    • “Can Trade” must be set ON for any form of trading
    • “Can place BUY” and “Can Trade” must be set ON to allow BUY order requests.
    • “Can place SELL” and “Can Trade” must be set ON to allow SELL order requests.
  4. Click the Save button for the changes to become effective immediately.