Test Data

The Test Data area is only available in non-production deployments. It allows Operators to manually create and maintain Clients and their Holdings. This information would be sourced from BOS in a production system.

List Page

When you enter the Test Data area you will be presented with a list of the current Clients in the system. There will be a filter control at the top of the list to enamble you to quickly find the Client you are interested in.

Test Data Clients

Here you can Add, Edit, or Remove a Client or update the Holdings held by a Client.

Add Client

Click on the Add new test client button to add a test Client into Motionite. A page similar to this will appear:

Test Client Add

Not all fields require values to be entered. The only mandatory fields are:

  • Client code
  • Branch code
  • CDS Number
  • Dealer Id
Credit Limit

Numeric values should be entered for the credit limits. These are daily values and will be defined in the currency nominated in Client Attributes.

Client Attributes

Default values will be loaded into these fields.

Order and Trade Control

Choose the parameters that you wish to assign the Client from the list.

Edit Client

Click on the pencil icon to edit a Client. A page similar to this will appear:

Test Client Add

Notice that the Client code cannot be changed. Also that the Credit Limits are recorded with a currency. The currency is specified in the Client Attributes. If you change the currency then be sure to check the Credit Limit values are still correct.

Delete Client

Click on the cross icon to delete a Client. A page showing the details of the Client will be displayed.

Test Client Delete

Review the screen and confirm this is the correct Client. Notice that the fields are disabled and some controls are ghosted. Click the Delete button to confirm the process.

Adjust Holdings

Click on the stack icon to edit a Client's Holdings. A page similar to this will appear:

Test Client Holdings

From here you can Add, Edit and Delete holdings.

Test Client Add Holding

If you add a holding you will need to supply the Stock code, Exchange, the Stock name, a quantity, and an Average price.

Test Client Edit Holding

If you edit a holding you will only be able to change the Stock name, quantity, and Average price. You will be unable to modify the Symbol code or Exchange. Delete the holding and add a new one if you require this.