Home Page

The landing page for the website is the home page. It is the gateway to the entire website. By default you will not see very much on this page; a title bar with the name and version of the website, a banner, and a “Log On” link. To access the site you will need to click the “Log On” link in the top right corner and authenticate yourself with Passport.

Log On

If you are currently logged into Passport from this machine then you will not need to “Log On” as your identity has already been verified. Only after a period of inactivity or if you “Log Off” will you be required to enter your credentials again.

Once you have been authenticated you will be returned to the home page where you will be able to see and access much more of the website.

The title bar will now contain a series of menus, there will be a link to open Fetch, and there will be “Log Off” and Passport maintence links.

Menu Bar

  1. This shows the current version number of the deployed website.
  2. This segment displays what environment MView is working in. Pay very close attention to this.
  3. This is the menu
  4. This is who you are logged in as.
  5. Clicking this button will navigate your browser to the Fetch website.

Lower on the screen you will see some statistics on the system.