New User

Prerequisite: You must be signed into MView as an Operator with “Modify Users” privilege
  1. Navigate to the Users menu.
  2. Click the “Add new user” button.
  3. You will see a form similar to the following: Step 1
If you know that the new user already has a Passport identity, go to step 4.
To Create a new Passport identity, go to Step 5.
  1. Existing Identity To use an existing Passport identity click on the “Find existing identity” button. This will show a list of all identities in Passport which are not currently set up with access to the current environment (CTE, Production, etc). Select the identity you require by clicking the chevron to the right of the table entry. Once selected, the details will be displayed on the original form but will not be editible. This is denoted by colour changes to the visual controls. If you are unhappy with the selection, you can click the “Clear” button to remove the selection and revert to a clear entry form. Step 2

  2. New Identity Enter at least the Username, Email address and Password for the new Passport identity. The username and emal address are required to be unique across all the identities in Passport. The email address should be a valid addresss as this will be used for correspondence for activities like password reset.

  3. Choose the Applications you wish to allow for this User. Some applications may have dependancies on other applications and will will be applied automatically.

  4. Select the Markets in which this User can operate.

  5. Click the Save button and resolve any validation errors that appear.

If you successfully created a new identity, an email will be depatched to the address specified asking them to click on a link which will confirm the address. Once confirmed, the new identity will be allowed to request password resets. If you edit an identity and change the email address, a new email will be despatched to confirm the new address.

If you also selected Two Factor Authentication, another email will be sent out containing information on how to set up an Authenticator app and a QR barcode to scan into the app. If they do not receiev this eamil then you can choose the 2FA icon next to the User in the User view. From this screen there is a email button, and also a visualisation on the screen.

  1. Now it's time to link the User to some Clients so they can trade. Choose the links icon for the User in the User list view and the following screen will appear. Step 3 A User can be linked directly to a Client, but for more complex and flexible scenarios the linking can be done indirectly through a grouping. In this case, through the Dealer, Branch, or Broker. What this means is if a User is linked to a Branch then that User will affectly be linked to every Client in that Branch, and instead of having to carry out a maintenance action on the User whenever a Client is added to or removed from the Branch, the linkage carries out the association automatically. The linkages are rebuilt every time a new Client list is imported into MView. This is typically done at the start of each business day.

Each of the Linkage screens shows two lists; 1) the available options on the left list, and 2) the selected options on the right. Buttons at the top allow you to move one, several, or all options from one side to the other. The lists also provide filtering so as to produce a much smaller working set. Step 4 When you are satisfied with the selections, click the Save button. The selections can be reviewed in the Show Links screen. Here you can see the linkages that have been associated, and the list of Clients that the linkages unroll to.

For example: Associations Step 5 which could unroll to Step 6

A Client has to only appear in one of the linkages for the User to have access. That is, the links are ANDed together to build a list. There is no EXCEPT function.

  1. If this User requires any specific vetting then head to the Vetting menu item to create and/or apply a Ruleset against the new User.

The process is now complete and the User should be able to get access immediately.