Clients are the trading entities of the system. Clients have a set of properties and attributes which control what the client is able to do, and how the client can interact with the market. Each client is allocated a unique code by the BOS.

List page

When you enter the Clients area you will be presented with a list of the current Clients in the system. If this is a production environment then this list will have come from the BOS system. If this is a non-production environment then this list will most likely have been created from the Test Data pages.

There will be a filter control at the top of the list to enamble you to quickly find the Client you are interested in.

To examine or make modifications to a Client click on the binocular icon for the Client you are interested in.


Client view

The view of a Client is made up of several panels of data. Some of these can be edited and some are for viewing only.


The information provided by BOS is shown in the main panel. This included information on the Client like name, address, phone number, and CDS number. The panel to it's right is the Order and Trade Control which specifies the parameters under which the client can trade. This information is also sourced from BOS.

Credit Limit information is shown in the lower left panel. This information is provided by BOS but operators have the ability to update these values in real time.

Credit Limit

Here we can see ths last time the data was updated, and the currency of the credit limit, as well as the current value of credit limit. When an Operator presses the Update button, they will be able to supply new values for each of the displayed fields.

Client Attributes are NOT supplied by the BOS, and so do not get updated regularly. An operator can make modifications to the attributes by clicking the Update button.

Client Attributes

Here we can see the last time the attributes were updated, if the client can trade and if so can place a BUY or SELL order. Additionally we see the Broker code associated with this Client and their default currency.