Fetch WebSite

Fetch is the Motionite module which conencts to Back Office and Data Clients to collect and distribute batched data. It provides a scheduling system to run jobs, and polling mechanism to look for data. The inbound or outbound data can be enriched or transformed as jobs are executed. Examples of its usage are:

  • Waiting for and importing 6xx Series message files at the start of bussines day
  • Daily reports for clients

The Fetch website displays realtime streamed updates for the status of the defined jobs.

Fetch Home

All the defined jobs are listed on this page. Each job has three states:

  1. Waiting to run (hourglass icon). This could be because;
    • the job is scheduled for a particular time
    • the files(s) required to start the process are not yet available.
  2. Successfully run (green tick icon)
  3. Failed (red skull)