Many of the pages in MView display lists of data which may contain large amounts of values. A filtering mechanism has been added to make it easier to find the data you are after. Each of the mechanisms operates in the same maner.

A typical filter looks like this:


It contains 3 elements

  1. The criteria textbox
  2. The field selector
  3. The execute button

Enter some text in the criteria field that will match against the values you are searching for, choose the field where that data is, and press the Filter button (like a funnel). Alternatively you can press the Enter key in the criteria field to execute the filter.

The grid display will change to denote when a filter is active. The title bar will change to a colour red and a notifier will indicate that a filter is applied.

filter applied

Click the “x” on the notifier to remove the filter, or change the criteria and apply a new filter.